The history of the company began immediately after the second war world with the purchase of a small plot of land in the high Maremma where the viticulture and olive-growing tradition has its roots in the distant Etruscan civilization.


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It is easy to understand how this area is rich in historical and artistic evidence immersed in the typical landscape of low-hill Tuscany, characterized by the presence of modest reliefs with soft profiles that close to the coast leaving the floodplains to advance. Here the perfect symbiosis between man and nature has drawn over time a complex and fascinating landscape where ancient farmhouses, olive groves and vineyards cohabit perfectly with the wild Maremma scrub formed by cork oaks, holm oaks, junipers and myrtles.   The towns of Castiglione, Follonica, Scarlino, Monterotondo Marittimo, Gavorrano, Roccastrada and Massa Marittima, abundant in tradition and history, make up the fabric that unites an incomparable landscape, wine and gastronomic heritage. The denomination of controlled origin of the Monteregio is recently established and overlooks the Tuscan viticulture panorama boasting already very important successes mainly due to the unique blend of aromas and flavors of a land rich in harmonious hills, tradition, memory and past, but also of innovative changes and perspectives. The Monteregio of Massa Marittima is a great reality with all the necessary papers to explode even more than it has already happened.



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Obtained from a manual selection of grapes in perfect condition and at the best degree of ripeness. At the sight reveals a beautiful compact color of purple hue. On the nose it is propose a complex bouquet where the vanilla stands out at first evident and then fade and give way to a mix of berries that highlights the currant. The taste is soft, velvety, soft without being imperious. The tannin appears on the final, measured and in good balance. Final net and well calibrated. Maturation in French oak and refinement in bottiglialo enrich in structure and harmony. Store lying down at a temperature of 16 °.  


Suitable to accompany typical dishes of Tuscan gastronomic culture based on game, grilled meat, roasts and long-aged cheeses. Great out of the meal.



The grapes coming from the old vineyards of the winery and the scrupulous vinification have created this wine with a ruby ​​red color, limpid, rather clear, which preserves in the nuances nuances of violet.


Sniffings reveals a compact aromatic baggage, dedicated to the live fruit, with the cherry that becomes the protagonist along with the plum. In the end, the whole is delighted with floral notes reminiscent of purple. The entry into the mouth is intense, with tannins that emerge in a balanced way. 

The freshness is combined with a savory component of good taste to merge into an enjoyable, long finish. Store at a temperature of 16 °.  


It is well suited to dishes based on meat, baked or casserole. Also blue or slightly seasoned cheeses are very good.


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The pedoclimatic characteristics of the Monte Regio di Massa Marittima are also positively reflected on the oil product, deriving from the processing of olives, selected from an olive grove that extends over the hills around the property.

The mild climate that distinguishes these places has encouraged the cultivation and harvesting, which is done following the traditional method of hand-picking. The extra virgin olive oil obtained from real Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio embodies the characteristics of perfect harmony, taste and aroma, typical of the Tuscan Maremma.

The color that distinguishes the finished product is yellow-green veiled, slightly opaque with a lively flavor and is pleasantly aggressive with a marked fragrance of olives



Its natural effervescence, produced by re-fermentation in the bottle, makes it a fresh wine with sweet aromas of small red fruits and hints of bread crust. It has a soft pink colour, fine perlage and excellent persistence. 

A peculiar characteristic of refermented wines such as Nerì is their continuous evolution and transformation due to the permanence of the wine on its own yeasts. This characteristic makes the refermented wines unique and particularly intriguing


Excellent with the whole meal, particularly with crudités, shellfish, fried food and fresh cheese..



From the grapevines of the most interesting white grapes of our vineyard we choose the best bunches to produce the Nocchianello Spiga di Grano.
An idea born from the desire to preserve the biodiversity of the corporate ampelographic heritage. Preserved in raw terracotta amphora, the nose has interesting aromatic notes and good persistence.



It goes well with dishes based on fish, shellfish and medium-aged cheeses. Serve at a temperature of 14 ° C.



Vinified at controlled temperature, pale straw yellow color; the aromas of fresh fruit and floral notes make it fine, intense and persuasive. Sapidity and fullness enhance
its taste during tasting.
Store at a temperature between 12 and 14 °.  


At the table it is excellent with first and second courses of fish but it marries with almost all of the Maremma cuisine with a Mediterranean character, thanks to its full body and acidity.



Femmina rosé is obtained from red grapes in perfect condition and the harvest, performed manually, takes place in small boxes to avoid deteriorating the integrity of the fruit. The color is lively, bright, feminine. Fine and delicate, with persistent aromas of small fruits of the undergrowth. Pleasant, warm and balanced. With good persistence and structure, it combines immediacy and elegance, freshness and softness, returning to the finish precious and intense fruity sensations. 

Delicate wine with a "crunchy" taste at the table is excellent with cured meats, cheeses, first courses both from the sea and from the ground. It goes well with white meats, tasty fish, soups and sushi. Store at a temperature between 12 and 14 °, away from light sources.